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Hybrid: treats pain, depression, stress, tension

Gorilla Glue is a powerful strain with a pungent aroma that comes from crossing Chem Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. For some patients, this strain gives them the pain and stress relief to get up and have the energy to do what they need to do, while others feel the heavier effects of this hybrid and find the ability to rest and relax.


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Indica: treats chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea

Kosher Kush is a phenotype of OG Kush. This strain has heavy body effects that relax every muscle while producing a strong cerebral high. Kosher Kush has one of the best tasting smokes with a light spicy, earthy, diesel aroma. Try this strain to treat chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Live Resin is a concentrated cannabis extraction that is produced by flash freezing the plant when it is fresh instead of using dried and cured bud for the extraction. A solvent is used to separate the essential oils from the plant matter. The solvent is then purged from the extraction material. This gives the patient a final product that is generally higher in terpenes and tends to have a more oily or sugary consistency compared to classic wax due to the higher terpene profile.


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